A New Very Canadian Game

It may be the most Canadian game ever made, they call it Crokicurl, combining Crokinole with Curling.


Crokinole being a board game believed to be created in Ontario with the earliest known board being made in Perth County, Ontario, in 1876.


Curling, of course, has a Scottish origin but has been widely adopted across Canada with the Tim Horton Brier being one of the bigger events in the sport, and Canada having been medalists in 5 of the 6 Winter Olympics which have had the sport.


Winnipeg-based Public City Architecture felt that the two games needed to be combined and having looked around and found no one had done so yet combined the two into what they call Crokicurl, they then build themselves a rink in The Forks plaza, and opened it to the public this weekend!


The rules for the game are available here.

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