Your Mug Size & Shape Will Determine Your Coffee Taste

Yes, size does matter!    Don’t ya just love science? 

A new study finds that that not only does the size of your mug, but it’s shape,  affects the taste of your coffee.  The complete study will be out in March in Food Quality and Preference.


For the study, 300 volunteers from China, Colombia and the UK were asked to rate their coffees based on the shape and size of the mugs they drank from taking into consideration aroma, bitterness, intensity, temperature, caffeine level and sweetness.


Those in the study found that the coffee taste intensified when the coffee was served in short, narrow mugs, also noting it was more bitter and aromatic.  Volunteers also found that wider mugs make coffee taste sweeter.


Also of interest, those in the study were also asked to rank how much they’d pay for the coffees, based off the size of the mug and the taste.  Apparently, those from the UK and Colombia would rather pay for bigger mugs, while those from China said the mug sizes didn’t matter with regard to price.





photo credit: pixabay

story credit: elitedaily

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